Reviewer of the Year 2017 Winners

During the Editorial Board meeting at ECR 2018, the outgoing and incoming Editors-in-Chief, Prof. Reiser and Prof. Menu, congratulated the following reviewers on the title European Radiology Reviewer of the Year 2017!
These six reviewers have each won a so-called ‘Reviewer of the Year Award’, based on their outstanding reviews for the journal European Radiology. The great work reviewers are doing is essential to journals such as European Radiology, and is vital to making the publication of top-tier scientific research possible.

Dr. Annemarie den Harder (Utrecht / Netherlands)
Dr. Daniel Hausmann (Mannheim / Germany)
Dr. Juana Plasencia-Martínez (Murcia / Spain)
Dr. Luke Wheeler (Cardiff / United Kingdom)
Dr. Jinhee Jang (Seoul / Korea, Republic of)
Dr. Jeffrey Guenette (Boston / USA)

(From left to right: Outgoing Editor-in-Chief Prof. M. Reiser, Reviewer of the Year award winner, and incoming Editor-in-Chief Prof. Y. Menu)