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Aims and Scope

European Radiology is one of the leading European journals in the field of medical imaging, owned by the European Society of Radiology and edited by Editor-in-Chief, Prof. Yves Menu (Paris, France). 
It publishes original articles and meta-analyses on clinical science and research, outcome and patient studies.

The journal is subscribed to by a regular audience of several thousands of readers worldwide (+ 100.000), making it one of the most widely disseminated journals in Radiology.
Active members of the ESR have full electronic access and reduced subscription fees to the printed version as part of their membership. 

The 2018 Impact Factor of European Radiology is 3.962.

From 2004-2008 Supplements to European Radiology were published under the title European Radiology Supplements (ISSN 1613-3749).



Y. Menu (Paris, France)


Deputy Editors

P. Baltzer (Vienna, Austria)
S. Desai (London, United Kingdom)
J.-M. García Santos (Murcia, Spain)
R. Kubik-Huch (Baden, Switzerland)

Junior Deputy Editors

D. Pinto dos Santos, (Cologne, Germany)
M. J. Willemink (Stanford, United States)

Honorary Editors

A.L. Baert (Leuven, Belgium), Emeritus Editor
A.K. Dixon (Cambridge, United Kingdom), Emeritus Editor
M.F. Reiser (Munich, Germany), Emeritus Editor
R. Hermans (Leuven, Belgium)
T. Vogl (Frankfurt, Germany)

Founding Editor

J. Lissner (Munich, Germany)

Scientific Editorial Board

Advisory Editorial Board

ESCR – L. Natale (Rome, Italy)
ESGAR – R. Beets-Tan (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
ESHIMT – K. Riklund (Umeå, Sweden)
ESHNR – S. Bisdas (Tübingen, Germany)
ESNR – L. Manfré (Catania, Italy)
ESOI – R. Beets-Tan (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
EUSOBI – G. Forrai (Budapest, Hungary)
EuSoMII – E. Ranschaert (Leuven, Belgium)
ESSR – L. Sconfienza (Milan, Italy)
ESTI – Anagha P. Parkar (Bergen, Norway)
ESUR – R. Oyen (Leuven, Belgium)

Scientific Editorial Board

Section Editors listed in italic

L. Duijm (Nijmegen, Netherlands)
Y.-C. Cheung (Taiwan, Chinese Taipei)
D. Coll (Baltimore, United States)
E. H. Dibble (Providence, United States)
E. Fleury (São Paulo, Brazil)
M. Fuchsjäger (Graz, Austria)
T. Kanavou (Larissa, Greece)
B. Mesurolle (Clermont-Ferrand, France)
L. Nogueira (Porto, Portugal)
K. Pinker-Domenig (New York, United States)

M. Dewey ( Berlin, Germany)
C. Celeng (Utrecht, The Netherlands)
J.-N. Dacher (Rouen, France)
M. Francone (Rome, Italy)
R. Hallett (Indianapolis, United States)
A. Kurata (Toon, Japan)
F. G. Meinel (Rostock, Germany)
M. Opolski (Warsaw, Poland)
L. Swart (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)
R.A.P. Takx (Utrecht, The Netherlands)
M. Viallon (Lyon, France)

U. Müller-Lisse (Munich, Germany)
D. Baldwin (Nottingham, United Kingdom)
C. de Margerie-Mellon (Paris, France)
A. Devaraj (London, United Kingdom)
B. Kelly (Dublin, Ireland)
H. Kim (Seoul, Korea, Republic of)
A. Nair (London, United Kingdom)
J. Plasencia Martínez (Murcia, Spain)
G. Sommer (Basel, Switzerland)
Z. Szucs-Farkas (Bern, Switzerland)
M. Yanagawa (Osaka, Japan)

Computed Tomography
D. Tack (Baudour, Belgium)
T. Fleiter (Baltimore, United States)
N. Große Hokamp (Cologne, Germany)
M. Kachelrieß (Heidelberg, Germany)
F. Knollmann (Philadelphia, United States)
A. Mileto (Seattle, United States)
J.L. Wichmann (Frankfurt, Germany)

Contrast Media
F. Stacul (Trieste, Italy)
T. Brismar (Stockholm, Sweden)
M. Taupitz (Berlin, Germany)

H. Alkadhi (Zurich, Switzerland)
K. Branch (Seattle, United States)
Y.E. Chung (Seoul, Korea, Republic of)
F. Lassandro (Naples, Italy)
I. Millet (Montpellier, France)
P. A. Poletti (Geneva, Switzerland)

A. Laghi (Rome, Italy)
C. An (Seoul, Korea, Republic of)
V. Chernina (Moscow, Russian Federation)
J. Drenth (Nijmegen, The Netherlands)
S. H. Kim (Seoul, Korea, Republic of)
D. Lambregts (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
R. Méndez (Madrid, Spain)
A. Palkó (Szeged, Hungary)
A. Plumb (London, United Kingdom)
S. Schmidt Kobbe (Lausanne, Switzerland)
M.-P. Vullierme (Clichy, France)
K. Yoshimitsu (Fukuoka, Japan)
G. Zamboni (Verona, Italy)

Head and Neck
C.R. Habermann (Hamburg, Germany)
A. Attyé (Grenoble, France)
J. H. Baek (Seoul, Korea, Republic of)
J.L. del Cura (Bilbao, Spain)
R. Forghani (Montreal, Canada)
J. Jiskra (Prague, Czech Republic)
T. Nakamura (Nagasaki, Japan)
S. Robinson (Vienna, Austria)

Imaging Informatics and Artificial Intelligence
D. Caramella (Pisa, Italy)
R. Cuocolo (Naples, Italy)
A. Dohan (Paris, France)
B. Kocak (Istanbul, Turkey)
D. Moratal (Valencia, Spain)
V. Pérez García (Ciudad Real, Spain)
H. Ringl (Vienna, Austria)
J. Tian (Beijing, China)
R. W. van Hamersvelt (Utrecht, The Netherlands)
S. Williams (Norwich, United Kingdom)

Magnetic Resonance
T. Metens (Brussels, Belgium)
F. Bamberg (Tübingen, Germany)
O. Dietrich (Munich, Germany)
N. Kartalis (Stockholm, Sweden)
T. Kwee (Groningen, The Netherlands)
Y.-J. Liu (Taichung, Taiwan, Chinese Taipei)
M. Prince (New York, United States)
M. Ronot (Clichy, France)
N. Schieda (Ottawa, Canada)

T.M. Link (San Francisco, United States)
F. Bensch (Helsinki, Finland)
J. F. Budzik (Lille, France)
A. Chhabra (Dallas, United States)
H. Douis (Birmingham, United Kingdom)
N. Farshad-Amacker (Zurich, Switzerland)
M. Geijer (Lund, Sweden)
A. Grainger (Leeds, United Kingdom)
R. Hemke (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
J. MacKay (Cambridge, United Kingdom)
F.W. Roemer (Erlangen, Germany)
B. Tins (Oswestry, United Kingdom)

N. Chaudhary (Ann Arbor, United States)
B. Battal (Ankara, Turkey)
J. P. Guenette (Boston, United States)
N. Hosten (Greifswald, Germany)
G. Kasprian (Vienna, Austria)
M. Lagana (Milan, Italy)
Z.-C. Li (Shenzhen, China)
P. López Larrubia (Madrid, Spain)
U. Missler (Duisburg, Germany)
M. Quarantelli (Naples, Italy)

C. Russo (Naples, Italy)
B. van Dijken (Groningen, The Netherlands)

Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging
F. Kießling (Aachen, Germany)

M. Yun (Seoul, Korea, Republic of)
C. Cyran (Munich, Germany)
L. Dercle (Toulouse, France)
W. Grootjans (Leiden, The Netherlands)
S. A. Johnson (Toronto, Canada)
K.U. Juergens (Münster, Germany)
M. Kirienko (Pieve Emanuele, Milan, Italy)
M. Mayerhöfer (Vienna, Austria)
L. Sawicki (Düsseldorf, Germany)
D. Vriens (Leiden, The Netherlands)

E. Sala (Cambridge, United Kingdom)
R. Beets-Tan (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
M. Blackledge (London, United Kingdom)
B. Carter (Houston, United States)
V. Chernyak (New York, United States)
G.-B- Cui (Xi’an, China)
F. De Keyzer (Leuven, Belgium)
M. C. Langenbach (Frankfurt, Germany)
A. Latifoltojar (London, United Kingdom)
H. Nguyen (Columbus, United States)
W. Schima (Vienna, Austria)
V. Vandecaveye (Leuven, Belgium)
A. Veltri (Torino, Italy)

J.L. Jaremko (Edmonton, Canada)
K. Hopkins (Portland, United States)
F. Saez Garmendia (Bilbao, Spain)
P. Schmit (Halifax, Canada)
R. Seuri (Helsinki, Finland)
S. Shelmerdine (London, United Kingdom)
P. Strouse (Ann Arbor, United States)
F. Triulzi (Milan, Italy)
R. van Rijn (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

M. Seidenbusch (Munich, Germany)
C. Giraudo (Padova, Italy)
J. Greffier (Nîmes, France)
P. Noël (Philadelphia, United States)
K. Rajendran (Rochester, United States)
D. Remedios (Middlesex, United Kingdom)
W. Stiller (Heidelberg, Germany)

G. Ferraioli (Pavia, Italy)
T. Bartolotta (Palermo, Italy)
L. Bonnemains (Strasbourg, France)
A. Han (Urbana-Champaign, United States)
W. Wang (Guangzhou, China)

A. Vargas (New York, United States)
A. Lavoipierre (Deepdene, Australia)
P. McCarthy (Galway, Ireland)
V. F. Muglia (Ribeirão Preto, Brazil)
M. Scialpi (Perugia, Italy)
H. Seuß (Erlangen, Germany)
L. Wang (Wuhan, China)
L. Wheeler (Cardiff, United Kingdom)

R. Dorffner (Neusiedl am See, Austria)
M. Ahle (Linköping, Sweden)
A. Brady (Cork, Ireland)
L. Defreyne (Ghent, Belgium)
R. W. R. Loose (Nuremberg, Germany)
K. Mori (Tsukuba, Japan)
H. Toyoda (Ogaki, Japan)
J. C. Van Den Berg (Lugano, Switzerland)

Publication Ethics
A.K. Dixon (Cambridge, United Kingdom)
M.F. Reiser (Munich, Germany)
M. Szczerbo-Trojanowska (Lublin, Poland)

The Editors-in-Chief of the European Journal for Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging and European Radiology wish to collaborate and strengthen the ties between the journals and scientific communities. Therefore, experts from both sides were invited to join the Editorial Boards to act as ambassadors and serve as reviewers in areas of interdisciplinary research.


ESR Office, Scientific Publications Dept.

Am Gestade 1, 1010 Vienna, Austria
phone: +43-1-533 40 64-0


S. Bolldorf (Vienna, Austria)
I. Christoffel (Vienna, Austria)
F. Ivkovic (Vienna, Austria)
L. Jansen (Vienna, Austria)
D. Mendez (Vienna, Austria)
A. Vogel (Vienna, Austria)
K. Deininger (Munich, Germany)
J. Brósková (Bratislava, Slovakia)
K. Deko, (Bratislava, Slovakia)
A. Ilčíková (Bratislava, Slovakia)


Prof. Yves Menu
Paris, France

Assistant to the Editor

Dr. Katrin Deininger
Munich, Germany

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