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European Radiology Review Fellowship

The international candidates for our first Review Fellowship met with European Radiology's Editor-in-Chief, Prof. Yves Menu and participated in a workshop at ECR 2019. What a great start for such an amazing opportunity!   We are looking forward to working with...

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Editorial Board Members at ESR Connect

Three members of the European Radiology Editorial Board pioneered and participated at the brand new ESR Connect channel. Editor-in-Chief Professor Yves Menu, Deputy Editor Professor Rahel A. Kubik-Huch, and Junior Deputy Editor Doctor Daniel Pinto dos Santos gave...

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ESR Journals Editors’ Round Table

The wait has finally come to end! Check out our ESR Connect channel and watch parts one, two and three of the first ever ESR Journals round table! Find out which articles were selected by Professor Yves Menu, Professor Luis Martí Bonmatí and Professor Francesco...

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Medical students are not so anxious about AI

This survey among students shows that juniors welcome AI and believe that it will induce important changes in daily practice; however, they are not afraid of being replaced by the machines. Article: Medical students' attitude towards artificial intelligence: a...

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MRI gets closer to genomics in prostate cancer

Defining which prostate cancers are potentially aggressive and provide early metastases is essential for patient management. It seems that visibility with MRI is a prognostic predictor. Article: Correlation between MRI phenotypes and a genomic classifier of prostate...

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How Artificial Intelligence looks at images

AI does not mimic humans, but learns from humans. It has its own traps, like over-fitting. We need to learn how AI “thinks” and share the same “PICO” approach. Article: Demystification of AI-driven medical image interpretation: past, present and future Authors: Peter...

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