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ESR Journals Editors’ round table

The Editors in Chief of our ESR Journals got together for a very special video shoot last month. Would you like to see more than just this sneak peek and find out what they were up to? Stay tuned for more information to come in the next weeks! Pictured from left to...

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European Radiology Review Fellowships in 2019

Application NOW CLOSED The European Society of Radiology is happy to announce the first European Radiology Review Fellowships. Up to 10 candidates will be trained as reviewers for European Radiology for a period of approximately 6 months (March to September). Tasks...

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Albert L. Baert Editorial Fellowship in 2019

Application NOW CLOSED The European Radiology Private Foundation announces the Albert L. Baert Editorial Fellowship in 2019 This editorial fellowship programme aims to provide training in editorial skills, such as manuscript evaluation, manuscript editing,...

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Radiomics help detect which lung nodules are invasive

When facing a lung nodule, it is always difficult to predict if it will turn into an aggressive tumor or remain indolent. Radiomics may help you! Article: The predictive value of CT-based radiomics in differentiating indolent from invasive lung adenocarcinoma in...

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A new tool for the characterization of spine fractures

This simple acquisition, evaluating the amount of fat, is another quick and easy method that helps solve the conundrum of spinal fractures: benign or malignant? Article: Proton density fat fraction (PDFF) MR imaging for differentiation of acute benign and neoplastic...

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