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Improving your report on US of varicoceles

Varicoceles are very common and sometimes not properly reported. Nonetheless, US examination allows for going much further than detection. The ESUR group provides useful hints for better reports. Article: Ultrasound evaluation of varicoceles: guidelines and...

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What is the real dose for “Ultra-Low-Dose Chest CT”?

Radiation dose is an increasing concern, especially in the chest, and this area allows very significant dose reduction, preserving diagnostic capability. The comparison with chest X-Rays is more and more valid. Article: Dose estimation of ultra-low-dose chest CT to...

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Is Dual-Energy CT beneficial for head and neck imaging?

Dual-energy is constantly gaining ground. This is also the case for head and neck imaging. This study may well encourage us to change our protocols. Article: Comparison of dual- and single-source dual-energy CT in head and neck imaging Authors: Matthias Stefan May,...

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