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ANNOUNCEMENT – European Radiology Review Fellowships

The European Society of Radiology announces the European Radiology Review Fellowships in 2020 Up to 10 candidates will be trained as reviewers for European Radiology for a period of approximately 6 months (March to September). Tasks The fellowship will consist of an...

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ANNOUNCEMENT – Albert L. Baert Editorial Fellowship

The European Radiology Private Foundation announces the Albert L. Baert Editorial Fellowship in 2020 This editorial fellowship programme is carried out by the Editor in Chief of European Radiology, Prof. Yves Menu, and aims to provide training in editorial skills,...

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Opinion: The rise of the Clinical Radiologist

The marriage of computers and Radiology in mid-twentieth century accelerated the growth of Radiology and initiated the rise of Radiologist. Rapid advancements in imaging technology and digital medical images have revolutionized the work-flow systems in modern hospitals.

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Brain deposition of gadolinium: position statement

This position paper from the European Gadolinium Retention Evaluation Consortium (GREC) Task Force position statement provides useful thoughts for analysis of this worrying situation, and the basis for future studies. Article: Standardized assessment of the signal...

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Do you know the Inchworm sign?

This sign is found in case of bladder cancer. It provides information on the degree of microinvasion into the muscularis propria. When absent, the likehood of progression is higher. Article: Usefulness of the inchworm sign on DWI for predicting pT1 bladder cancer...

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