Radiomics, radiogenomics : imaging phenotypes and gene expression in HCC

This study, though preliminary, shows that there is some correlation between a combination of imaging features (imaging phenotype) and genotype for the definition of aggressive disease. We need to be prepared for these analyses comprising multiple imaging traits because they may be helpful in the evlautaion of the prognosis, and therefore in making personalized decisions.

Key points:

  • Iterative model reconstruction of brain CT data can facilitate the diagnosis of ischaemic stroke
  • IMR improved the detectability of low-contrast lesions in the posterior fossa
  • IMR-neuro yielded better image quality and improved observer performance

Article: Imaging-based surrogate markers of transcriptome subclasses and signatures in hepatocellular carcinoma: preliminary results

Authors: Bachir Taouli, Yujin Hoshida, Suguru Kakite et al.