All you need to know about data sharing

There is an expected advantage sharing imaging data, allowing studies based on larger multicentric samples. There are technical solutions to that, and this will probably become a standard for research. Radiologists should be organized in order to increase standardization, and also to ensure that patients’ privacy will be preserved.

Key points:

  • Regulated availability of patient-level data of published clinical studies (data-sharing) is expected.
  • Expected benefits include verification/advancement of knowledge, reduced cost/time of research, clinical improvement.
  • Potential drawbacks include faults in patients’ identity protection and data misinterpretation.

Article:  To share or not to share? Expected pros and cons of data sharing in radiological research

Authors: Francesco Sardanelli, Marco Alì, Myriam G. Hunink, Nehmat Houssami, Luca M. Sconfienza and Giovanni Di Leo