Beware of small ground-glass nodules

Small ground-glass lung nodules are common. Be careful, it might be a very invasive tumor. This article tells you more about the small signs that may draw your attention.



Key points:

  • Invasive lesions were found in 55.3% of lung adenocarcinomas with subcentimeter pGGNs
  • Lesion size, vessel changes, and tumour-lung interface showed different among histopathologic subtypes
  • Vessel changes, unsmooth margin and clear tumour-lung interface were predictors for lesion invasiveness

Article: CT and histopathologic characteristics of lung adenocarcinoma with pure ground-glass nodules 10 mm or less in diameter

Fang Wu, Shu-ping Tian, Xin Jin, Rui Jing, Yue-qing Yang, Mei Jin and Shao-hong Zhao