Gadolinium and Basal Ganglia. An experience with Gadoxetate disodium

The authors have followed-up patients who received recurrent injections of Gadoxetate disodium. Iterative measurements of signal intensity in basal ganglia did not reveal any changes over time.

Key points:

  • Gadolinium may deposit in the human brain after multiple GBCA administrations
  • Gadolinium deposition is associated with increased T1W signal intensity
  • Increase in signal intensity is most apparent within the DN and GP
  • Multiple administrations of gadoxetate disodium do not increase T1W signal

Article: Signal intensity change on unenhanced T1-weighted images in dentate nucleus and globus pallidus after multiple administrations of gadoxetate disodium: an intraindividual comparative study

Authors: Giorgio Conte, Lorenzo Preda, Emilia Cocorocchio et al.