Chronic pancreatitis: “and the winner is…”

With a systematic review and meta-analysis, the authors arbitrate a competition of EUS, US, ERCP, MRI and CT in the assessment of chronic pancreatitis.



Key points:

  • EUS, ERCP, MRI and CT have high diagnostic sensitivity for chronic pancreatitis
  • Diagnostic specificity is comparable for all imaging modalities
  • EUS and ERCP are outperformers and US has the lowest accuracy
  • The choice of imaging can be made based on clinical considerations

Article: Diagnostic performance of imaging modalities in chronic pancreatitis: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Authors: Y. Issa, M.A. Kempeneers, H.C. van Santvoort, T.L. Bollen, S. Bipat and M.A. Boermeester