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Texture analysis facilitates the follow up of Acromegaly with MRI

Follow-up of Acromegaly is not easy, as it is related to the pituitary mass and to biochemical issues. It seems that texture analysis can bring new and valuable information for predicting the outcome. Article: Predicting response to somatostatin analogues in...

Grading HCC with Radiomics from MRI

Based on a large cohort, this study highlights how the grade of HCC can be approached with radiomics analysis of MRI images. Article: Predicting the grade of hepatocellular carcinoma based on non-contrast-enhanced MRI radiomics signature Authors: Minghui Wu, Hongna...

Opinion: The rise of the Clinical Radiologist

The marriage of computers and Radiology in mid-twentieth century accelerated the growth of Radiology and initiated the rise of Radiologist. Rapid advancements in imaging technology and digital medical images have revolutionized the work-flow systems in modern hospitals.