Reply to Letter to the Editor: Cardiac implanted electronic devices and MRI safety in 2018 – the state of play

by Ryan M Shulman and Ben Hunt (ryans79@hotmail.com])

Cardiac implanted electronic devices and MRI safety in 2018—the state of play

Dear Editor,

We thank Murray, Bassareo & Gilligan for their interest in our article. We focused our review [1] on recently published evidence that had resulted in changes to the safety recommendations for the magnetic resonance (MR) imaging of devices which were hitherto contra-indicated. Specifically, our aim was to highlight emerging evidence which suggests that patients with some ‘legacy’ MR non-conditional devices can now be offered gold standard diagnostic MR imaging when clinically indicated.  In terms of MR imaging ILRs, the inadvertent loss or misinterpretation of artefact degraded electrogram data and possible local soft tissue effects pose some potential clinical difficulties, however there are no reported patient MR safety issues.