Online-only as of 2021

Thirty years after its foundation in 1991, European Radiology is Europe’s number one scientific journal in clinical radiology. Over the past decade, it substantially grew in volume, quality and readership.

In light of today’s publishing world, as well as the ecological footprint that everybody leaves on this planet, the production and shipping of printed copies of the journal seem no longer appropriate. As it is the case with many other journals, the vast majority of European Radiology readers access our articles exclusively online. While article accesses and social media interactions increased from year to year, we have noticed a decrease in demand for the printed edition. In addition, the amount of feedback regarding the (non-)sustainability of printing scientific journals has increased.

The usability and technical infrastructure of European Radiology has been continuously explored by the ESR and our publisher Springer Nature. Our two other journals, Insights into Imaging and European Radiology Experimental, have always been published online only with a tremendously positive response and usage by the community. All these observations support the ESR’s strong dedication to a sustainable business, that not only includes green events like the annual ECR, but encompasses all its activities. Therefore, the ESR leadership has decided to cease the monthly print issues of European Radiology at the end of 2020.