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Avoiding haemoptysis after transthoracic lung biopsy

    Haemoptysis is a common complication of lung biopsy, which can occasionally be very severe. This paper, based on a very large number of patients, evaluates the risk factors, among them the main pulmonary artery diameter (mPAD).   Key points: mPAD...

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Can we standardise CTA reporting with a CAD?

  Coronary artery CT includes measurements as well as some subjective analysis. Using a CAD helps standardise the report and improves communication, as well as making the radiologist’s work easier. Key points: CAD-RADS is a tool for standardising coronary CTA...

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Predicting the unpredictable!

  Could Cardiac MRI help predicting sudden cardiac death in patients with cardiomyopathy? The authors of this article aim to answer this question with their work.   Key points: Global Extra-Cellular Volume (ECV) identified the best Hypertrophic...

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Tomosynthesis increases confidence

Comparing digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) and digital mammography (DM), the authors show that DBT increases reader’s confidence and improves the inter-reader agreement.

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