What is the lowest reasonable dose for CT of the appendix? Can we really go lower than 1 mSv?


In general, a lower dose means a lower image quality. The authors have studied the lowest acceptable dose for a reliable analysis of the appendix, for general radiologists and for dedicated specialists. Is it possible to go under 1 mSv? Read this article to find out about the interesting results of this study.

Key points:
• For both abdominal and non-abdominal radiologists, 1.0-mSv appendiceal CT could be feasible.
• The 0.5-mSv CT was non-inferior to 2.0-mSv CT only for expert abdominal radiologists.
• Reader experience is an important factor affecting diagnostic impairment by low-dose CT.

Article: Can We Perform CT of the Appendix with Less Than 1 mSv? A De-escalating Dose-simulation Study

Authors: Ji Hoon Park, Jong.June Jeon, Sung Soo Lee, Amar C. Dhanantawari, Ji Ye Sin, Hae Young Kim and Kyoung Ho Lee