Low-dose CT with iterative reconstruction for acute abdominal pain

How much is it possible to reduce, using low-dose CT with iterative reconstruction algorithms, the radiation dose delivered for acute abdominal pain? Can we go down to the same dose than in abdominal radiography? Find out in the article below.





Key points:

  • LDCT-MBIR (<2.5 mSv) can be used to assess acute abdominal pain.
  • LDCT-MBIR (<2.5 mSv) cannot safely assess acute abdominal pain in obese patients.
  • LDCT-IR-FBP (<2.5 mSv) cannot safely assess patients with acute abdominal pain.

Article: Emergency assessment of patients with acute abdominal pain using low-dose CT with iterative reconstruction: a comparative study

Authors: Pierre-Alexandre Poletti, Minerva Becker, Christoph D. Becker et al.