Indeterminate Adnexal Mass

With this article the authors aim to deliver an update on the 2010 ESUR recommendations of MRI of the sonographically indeterminate adnexal mass.



Key points:

  • MRI is a useful complementary imaging technique for assessing sonographically indeterminate masses.
  • Categorization allows confident diagnosis in the majority of adnexal masses.
  • Type 3 contrast enhancement curve is a strong indicator of malignancy.
  • In sonographically indeterminate masses, complementary MRI assists in triaging patient management.

Article: ESUR recommendations for the MR imaging of the sonographically indeterminate adnexal mass: an update

Authors: Rosemarie Forstner, Isabelle Thomassin-Naggara, Teresa Margarida Cunha et al.