How reliable is MRI for the evaluation of treated high-grade gliomas?

In this meta analysis, the authors point out the potential weaknesses of “anatomical MRI” for evaluating the response to treatment. Conversely, the found that the added value of spectroscopy was high.



Key points:

  • Treatment response assessment in high-grade gliomas with anatomical MRI is unreliable
  • Novel advanced MRI techniques have been studied, but diagnostic accuracy is unknown
  • Meta-analysis demonstrates that advanced MRI showed higher diagnostic accuracy than anatomical MRI
  • Highest diagnostic accuracy for spectroscopy and perfusion MRI
  • Supports the incorporation of advanced MRI in high-grade glioma treatment response assessment

Article: Diagnostic accuracy of magnetic resonance imaging techniques for treatment response evaluation in patients with high-grade glioma, a systematic review and meta-analysis

AuthorsBart R. J. van Dijken, Peter Jan van Laar, Gea A. Holtman and Anouk van der Hoorn