68Ga-PSMA imaging & therapy PET/CT for the assessment of prostate cancer

This study examines if Ga-PSMA imaging & therapy PET/CT delayed imaging after forced diuresis can help the assessment of the prostate region and pelvic lymph nodes through improved image quality.

Key points

• Forced diuresis can improve image quality in 68Ga-PSMA I&T.
• After forced diuresis, linear and focal visualization of ureters was reduced.
• Timing of diuresis relative to68Ga-PSMA I&T injection is important.
• Early furosemide co-injection with tracer resulted in deteriorated image quality on delayed images.
• After delayed furosemide, image quality improved on delayed images.

Article: 68Ga-PSMA I&T PET/CT for assessment of prostate cancer: evaluation of image quality after forced diuresis and delayed imaging

Authors: Thorsten Derlin, Desiree Weiberg, Christoph von Klot et al.