Best practice recommendations for glioma imaging

Based on a large survey conducted in Europe, the authors elaborate on recommendations for relevant MRI protocol in patients with glioma, including basic and advanced techniques. This paper is dedicated to the whole imaging community in order to adapt a standard protocol to the patient’s condition and allow for better comparison of imaging for initial work-up and follow-up under treatment.

Article: Glioma imaging in Europe: A survey of 220 centres and recommendations for best clinical practice

Authors: S. C. Thust, S. Heiland, A. Falini, H. R. Jäger, A. D. Waldman, P. C. Sundgren, C. Godi, V. K. Katsaros, A. Ramos, N. Bargallo, M. W. Vernooij, T. Yousry, M. Bendszus and M. Smits