Avoiding haemoptysis after transthoracic lung biopsy



Haemoptysis is a common complication of lung biopsy, which can occasionally be very severe. This paper, based on a very large number of patients, evaluates the risk factors, among them the main pulmonary artery diameter (mPAD).


Key points:
mPAD enlargement was a significant risk factor for severe PTNB-related haemoptysis.
mPAD can be useful in screening high-risk patients for severe haemoptysis.
Subsolid or cavitary nodule was another significant risk factor for severe haemoptysis.

Article: Risk factors for haemoptysis after percutaneous transthoracic needle biopsies in 4,172 cases: Focusing on the effects of enlarged main pulmonary artery diameter

Authors: Eui Jin Hwang, Chang Min Park, Soon Ho Yoon, Hyun-Ju Lim and Jin Mo Goo