Most cited papers 2014

It is with great pleasure that Prof. Max Reiser announced the winner of the European Radiology – Most Cited Paper Award 2014 at the editorial board meeting at ECR 2017!

Congratulations go to Matthias Roethke (pictured) et al. for their paper entitled Evaluation of the ESUR PI-RADS scoring system for multiparametric MRI of the prostate with targeted MR/TRUS fusion-guided biopsy at 3.0 Tesla which received 44 citations in the following 2 years (2015 & 2016) after the year of publication (2014).

We would also like to congratulate the authors of the 2nd and 3rd most cited articles:

Time-resolved assessment of collateral flow using 4D CT angiography in large-vessel occlusion stroke by Andreas Frölich et al. and Evaluation of conventional, dynamic contrast enhanced and diffusion weighted MRI for quantitative Crohn’s disease assessment with histopathology of surgical specimens by Jeroen Tielbeek et al. both received the second highest number of citations.

Image quality and radiation dose of low tube voltage 3rd generation dual-source coronary CT angiography in obese patients: a phantom study by U. Joseph Schoepf et al. received the third highest number of citations.