European Radiology Special Cover Illustrations

With the last three European Radiology issues of 2018 in the pipeline, we wanted to take the opportunity to look back on this year’s theme and reflect upon the message the European Society of Radiology intends to convey with its special cover issues.
2018’s covers illustrations were designed in the style of antique Germen calendar vignettes – taking us back to pastoral times, when each month had its own special significance for agricultural cycles and seasonal festivals, as explained by illustrator Peter Diamond (

The distinctive covers of European Radiology represent the common ground where art and science unite. Despite not having too much in common at first glance, the two disciplines share ground which is impossible to deny: both have the human as the starting point of a journey to discover knowledge, beauty and culture. In art, the human eye allows us to observe, to admire and to discover. In science, particularly radiology, the human eye is the window to the inside of our bodies.
The artwork of our covers aims to inspire radiologists to profoundly observe and make new discoveries that will change the future of radiology and impact the lives of many.

For 2019 we aim to continue our innovation, inspiring the scientific community with our covers. Keep an eye out for the future!