ESR’s journal family at a glance

Do you know which ESR journal is best suited for your article? We have put together a short overview to help in this regard.

The newest member of our journal family is European Radiology Experimental, a forum for radiology in the experimental setting in connection with basic science. European Radiology is our platform for clinical science, publishing original articles and state-of-the art reviews. Insights into Imaging is dedicated to educational articles, as well as original articles on professional issues like management and audit, and guidelines and statements from leading European radiological societies.

European Radiology Experimental welcome submissions on:
•    Non-clinical or not yet clinically implemented research
•    Basic scientific discoveries
•    New approaches and techniques in experimental settings
•    New fields such as radiomics, radiogenomics, image data processing, and theranostics
•    New techniques, e.g. MR sequences or spectral CT applications, molecular, hybrid, and optical imaging
•    Early translational studies

This journal is fully open access.

European Radiology welcomes submissions on:
•    Clinical science and research
•    Outcome / patient studies
•    Opinions, Editorials
•    Technical developments and clinical implementations
•    Meta-analyses


Insights into Imaging welcomes submissions on:
•    Educational material such as state of the art reviews, and pictorial reviews
•    Original articles in the field of management, audit, and professional issues
•    Best-practice knowledge
•   Recommendations & statements issued by the leading European radiological societies

This journal is fully open access.