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Drug-related death: an investigation with post-mortem CT

Frequent findings in 55 cases of fatal opioid intoxication (heroin and/or methadone) were retrospectively evaluated and imaging results were compared with autopsies, showing that a triad of brain oedema, lung oedema and a distended urinary bladder on PMCT can be associated with cases of drug-related death.

Key Points:

  • Frequent findings in cases of fatal opioid intoxication were investigated
  • Lung oedema, brain oedema and full urinary bladder represent a highly specific ...
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What’s best for the kids? MRI vs. Ultrasound for suspected appendicitis

Three imaging strategies—ultrasound only, MRI only, and conditional MRI after negative or inconclusive ultrasound—were evaluated for their diagnostic accuracy and tolerance in 104 children with suspected appendicitis.

Key Points:
  • In children, MRI has a higher sensitivity for appendicitis than ultrasound.
  • Ultrasound followed by MRI in negative or inconclusive findings is accurate.
  • The tolerance for ultrasound and MRI in children is comparable.
  • MRI can be performed in ...
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