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Pulsatile tinnitus: can it be cured?

This study assesses the characteristics of sigmoid plate dehiscence (SPD) causing pulsatile tinnitus (PT)—which can be triggered by vascular or intracranial pressure abnormalities—on CT arteriography and venography (CTA + V).

Key Points:
  • Pulsatile tinnitus (PT) caused by sigmoid plate dehiscence (SPD) may be cured.
  • SPD causing PT has some characteristic findings on CT.
  • SPD may be a common key to triggering PT’s perception.
  • Thin-slice high resolution CT ...
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Return of the mutants: non-small cell lung cancer

This article examines CT radiogenomic characterization of EGFR, ALK and K-RAS mutations in non-small cell lung cancer patients undergoing chest CT and testing for these gene mutations.

Key Points:
  •  Air bronchogram, pleural retraction, small size relate to EGFR mutation in NSCLC.
  • Pleural effusion and younger age relate to ALK mutation.
  • Round lesion shape, nodules in non-tumour lobes relate to KRAS mutation.


Objectives: To assess the association between ...

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European Radiology - Most Cited Paper Award!

It is with great pleasure that Prof. Max Reiser alongside Prof. Lorenzo Derchi (ESR Publications Committee Chairperson) announced the winner of the European Radiology - Most Cited Paper Award 2013 at the editorial board meeting at ECR 2016!

Congratulations go to Martin J. Willemink, Pim A. de Jong (pictured), Tim Leiner et al. for their paper entitled "Iterative reconstruction techniques for computed tomography Part 1: Technical principles" which received 58 citations in the ...

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Top 5 Reviewers of the year 2015!

For the first time, the top 5 reviewers for European Radiology were awarded at the Editorial Board meeting at ECR 2016! We would like to congratulate them and thank them again for their help.

Pictured from left to right:

Prof. Maximilian F. Reiser (Editor-in-Chief)

Dr. Andrew Plumb (London/U.K.)

Dr. Holger Hetterich (Munich/Germany)

Marjolein Heuvelmans (Groningen/The Netherlands)

Dr. Pascal Baltzer (Vienna/Austria)

Dr. Pilar Piñero (Sevilla/Spain, ...

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