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CT characteristics of interval and post-screen carcinomas

This analysis of CT findings of interval and post-screen carcinomas in lung cancer screening shows that those visible retrospectively were mainly due to detection errors of solid nodules, bulla wall thickening or endobronchial lesions.

Key Points:
  • 22 % of missed carcinomas originally presented as bulla wall thickening on CT.
  • 22 % of missed carcinomas originally presented as endobronchial lesions on CT.
  • All malignant endobronchial lesions presented as interval carcinomas.
  • In ...
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Brain tumours: 7T versus 3T MRI

This study compares the effect of a full dose and half dose of contrast agent in brain tumours at 7T versus 3T MRI to see which provides higher lesion enhancement. Signal intensities were assessed in the lesion and normal brain and tumour-to-brain contrast and lesion enhancement were calculated.

Key Points:
  • The contrast effect of gadobenate dimeglumine was assessed at 7T and 3T.
  • In brain tumours, contrast effect was higher at 7T than at 3T.
  • Tumour-to-brain contrast at 7T half ...
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European Radiology - Most Cited Paper Award!

It is with great pleasure that Prof. Max Reiser announced the winner of the European Radiology - Most Cited Paper Award 2012 at the editorial board meeting at ECR 2015!

Congratulations go to Prof. Jelle Barentsz and co-authors, for their paper entitled "ESUR prostate MR guidelines 2012" which received 236 citations in the following 2 years (2013 & 2014) after the year of publication (2012).

We would also like to congratulate the authors of the 2nd and 3rd most cited ...

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