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Prostate cancer: how well can MRI predict pathological downgrading?

This study examined the diagnostic performance of pre-treatment 3T multiparametric MRI for predicting Gleason score downgrading after radical prostatectomy in 304 prostate cancer patients with Gleason score 3 + 4 on biopsy.

Key Points:
  • Diagnostic performance of T2-weighted-imaging + DWI was better than T2-weighted-imaging alone.
  • Diagnostic performance of T2-weighted-imaging + DWI was similar to T2-weighted-imaging + DWI + DCE-MRI.
  • Combining clinical and T2-weighted-imaging + DWI ...
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How are you managing your dural carotid cavernous fistulas?

This report retrospectively reviewed 38 patients with dural carotid cavernous fistulas (dural CCFs) in order to assess epidemiological features, clinical presentation, angiographic characteristics and therapeutic options, success and complication rates.

Key Points:
  • Dural carotid cavernous fistulas are more common in elderly women.
  • Dural CCFs most commonly present with ocular symptoms and signs.
  • Endovascular treatment is effective and safe in properly selected patients.


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Congratulations to Adrian K. Dixon!

We would like to congratulate our former Editor-in-Chief, Prof. Adrian K. Dixon, who was presented with honorary membership of the Deutsche Röntgengesellschaft e.V. (German Radiological Society) at their annual meeting in Hamburg! read more
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