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Success! MR-guided focused ultrasound treatment of uterine fibroids

This study assesses the technical and clinical results of MRgFUS treatment and the factors affecting the clinical treatment success of uterine fibroids. Results were evaluated taking into account post-treatment nonperfused volume (NPV), symptom severity score (SSS), reintervention rate, pregnancy and safety data and showed that MRgFUS lead to high success and low complication rates.

Key Points:
  • MRgFUS appears to be a valid alternative to other uterus-preserving therapies.
  • Patient ...
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Molecular imaging for prostate cancer!

Imaging has become an essential tool for the management of prostate cancer and increased understanding of the biology underlying this disease has led to a continuous evolvement of imaging techniques. This review examines advanced imaging techniques that allow direct visualisation of molecular interactions relevant to prostate cancer and their potential for translation to the clinical setting.

Key Points:

  • Advanced imaging techniques allow direct visualisation of molecular interactions ...
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Impact Factor of European Radiology for 2014: 4.014!

The journal's Impact Factor is once again above 4, and has reached 4.014 in 2014!
It is ranked number 14 out of 125 journals in the section 'radiology, nuclear medicine and molecular imaging', and is again the No. 1 general radiological journal in Europe.

For more information about the Impact Factor click here.

We would like to thank all our reviewers and editors for their hard work! It is a team effort, and we are very proud to remain one of the best ...
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Congratulations to Adrian K. Dixon!

We would like to congratulate our former Editor-in-Chief, Prof. Adrian K. Dixon, who was presented with honorary membership of the Deutsche Röntgengesellschaft e.V. (German Radiological Society) at their annual meeting in Hamburg!
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