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Aggressive: prostatic ductal adenocarcinoma

This retrospective study performed on patients who underwent preoperative MRI and prostatectomy, showed that this aggressive tumour variant remains unrecognized and resembles a Gleason score 6 tumour on T2 weighted MRI.

Key Points:

  • Prostatic ductal adenocarcinoma is aggressive, resembling endometrial carcinoma at histopathology.
  • Prostatic ductal adenocarcinoma resembles Gleason score 6 tumour at T2-weighted MRI.
  • MRI grading may underestimate ductal adenocarcinoma based on increased ...
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Attention: breast lesions visible on MRI only!

This study assesses if the use of diffusion-weighted (DWI) can help avoid unnecessary MR-guided biopsies in suspicious breast lesions, which are only visible on contrast-enhanced MRI (CE-MRI).

Key Points:
  • DWI measurements are a fast and helpful technique for improved breast lesion diagnosis.
  • DWI application in breast lesions visible only on MRI obviates false-positive, MR-guided biopsies.
  • Flexible ADC thresholds provide rule-in and rule-out criteria for breast lesion malignancy.
  • ...
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Impact Factor 2013

Impact Factor of European Radiology for 2013: 4.338!

The journal's Impact Factor shows an impressive increase from 3.548 in 2012 to 4.338 in 2013! It has moved up further in rank from number 19 to 13 out of 121 journals in the section 'radiology, nuclear medicine and molecular imaging', and is again the No. 1 general radiological journal in Europe.

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We would like to thank all our reviewers and ...

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