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Imaging appendicitis: MRI features

Nine MRI features significantly associated with appendicitis were investigated: appendix diameter >7 mm, appendicolith, peri-appendiceal fat infiltration, peri-appendiceal fluid, absence of gas in the appendix, appendiceal wall destruction, restricted diffusion of the appendiceal wall, lumen or focal fluid collections. Just one of these features on MRI results in an 88% probability of appendicitis, whereas the absence of these features nearly rules it out (2%).

Key Points:
  • An ...
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Learning by doing: Dutch breast screening self-test

An evaluation of a self-test for Dutch breast screening radiologists—as part of the national quality assurance programme—showed that while interpretation of ROC curves, case and lesion sensitivity and recall agreement all proved satisfactory, further training is required for lesion type and BI-RADS agreement, in addition to reducing interobserver variation in interpreting and description of abnormalities.

Key Points:
  • We introduced and evaluated a self-test for Dutch breast ...
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The ESR Albert L. Baert Editorial Fellowship

In the European Radiology editorial board meeting held at ECR 2014, Prof. Maximilian F. Reiser announced the new ESR Albert L. Baert Editorial Fellowship. This was the first editorial board meeting for Prof. Reiser since he became Editor-in-Chief of European Radiology at the beginning of this year, taking over the reins from Prof. Adrian K. Dixon.

The editorial fellowship was brought into being by ...

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New European Radiology editor in office

We spoke with Professor Maximilian F. Reiser from Munich, Germany, about his new role and unexpected challenges as head of European Radiology.

How does your new job change your daily business?
My predecessors (Professors Lissner, Baert and Dixon) have worked hard and shown impressive dedication, as well as immense commitment in making European Radiology what it is today – the flagship of radiology in Europe. It is not easy to follow in their footsteps!
In my daily routine, I have ...
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